Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Magic the Gathering…

So Like Always its been forever since I made a post. I need to write more, I’m usually just to lazy to do it, or can’t think of anything worth writing. So now worth writing or not I am going to but some of my randomness on here.

Lately I have been getting back into Magic the Gathering (TCG). Bought a few “Deck Builders Toolkits” a few “Mirrodin Besieged Fat Packs”  Lots of Boosters From “Rise of the Eldrazi” and “Scars of Mirrodin” and a few Handfuls of Single Cards (Thanks to Local Comic/Card Shops “The Comic Hunter” and “Lightning Bolt Comics”). Which amounts to many Unused Cards and currently few Decks.

Right now I only Have One Fully Completed Deck it is Eldrazi themed, and so far seems to be working out well (Deck Listing coming Soon). The Next project on the Horizon is a Myr Combo Deck (Still acquiring Cards)  Followed By a Pauper Cube (Pauper = All Commons) and a Pauper White Equipment Style Deck. All these lists forthcoming.

Well That’s it for now, good to see something new finally on the page. Off now to Brew More coffee and write out some deck lists.

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