Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What to Blog...

... People Always say "Blog about what you know." This gets me thinking though. Most of the things I know (beyond Common Knowledge) is stuff I have learned through friends and online, so with that in mind, then isn't anything that I write already been covered somewhere. What would make someone want to read one of my Blog Postings if they have already read about it in some other blog.

... Then I started think why not write about my personal life, what I do from day to day, or goals I wish to meet, etc. But who am I? Well in Internet terms I am pretty much a nobody, so who is going to want to read about what I do, I don't even know if I would read that.

... So I guess what I have come to is that I need to combine these two main topics into one, and throw in some of my twisted Humour here and there. It may not be 100% original, but its me.

... With this in mind, I am hoping to start Blogging on a more regular basis about a variety of topics. If over time I see people seem to enjoy ready specific types of post they will start to appear more frequently. Just make sure to leave comments about what you like, and what you don't so I can start to cover more of what people want.